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All-Natural Coffee Mug Candles with Crackling Wood Wicks

Gerrard Larriett draws on his years of experience in the cosmetic industry to create a line of coffee mug candles that will transport you to your favorite coffee shop —whether it’s in Paris or right around the corner. Available in six delectable scents designed to delight pet parents, the candles feature a blend of human-grade essential oils, as well as real coffee, cocoa, and tea extracts.

We hand-pour each soy candle into a full-sized, reusable coffee cup and package them in a tastefully themed gift box. Our 10-ounce candles are larger than those in our line of pet odor aromatherapy candles. We never use any harsh chemicals or oily scents, so burning the candles won’t leave you with an irritated nose or aggravated allergies. Each candle is made in the USA and completely safe for pets.

Long Burn Aromatherapy Coffee Cup Candles for Pet Parents

The coffee mug candles feature an all-natural, eco-friendly wooden wick that’s smokeless, low maintenance, and makes a crackling noise that resembles a cozy fire. The aroma of a coffee shop will waft throughout multiple rooms in your home — even if you have high ceilings. Enjoy the slow-burning candle for 60-80 hours with your pets and trim the wick after each use.